De-cluttering: Clearing out a Room

Advantages of De-cluttering a Room You should de-clutter all the rooms in your house, and particularly the bedroom, the living room and the kitchen because you will have peace of mind. A messy room is very stressful and waking into one makes you feel like you are behind schedule, setting a bad mood for the rest of the day. You will feel relaxed and calm with a de-cluttered room (what is referred to as a state of Zen). De-cluttering your room is a great time saver. It is said that human beings spend an equivalent of 16 weeks each year searching for things. The less the stuff you have in the room, the less the time you will require to clean it. Things can get really nasty such as when you have an important meeting and you cannot find the keys to your car. De-cluttering: Clearing out a Room You will be more focused when you de-clutter the rooms in your house. A cluttered room often leads to a cluttered mind which kills creativity and makes such tasks as reading or writing unattractive. Clutter also encourages procrastination. De-cluttering is important because it means insects, mice, and other vermin will have fewer places to hide. It is easier to clean a de-cluttered room, meaning improved IAQ (indoor air quality) and consequently reduced allergies. Clearing out a Room: Important Tips You should always have protective gear on when clearing out a room to prevent injury and breathing in allergens. Concentrate on one place at a time. This is called ‘The Kaizen method’. You are likely to get tired if you think of all the other areas that you have to de-clutter. You could also schedule a de-clutter day and involve all members of the family. Give away what you do not need at the moment. You could give to relatives or friends, hold a garage sale or give to charity. Something may seem important, but consider the last time you used it and get rid of it if more than six months have passed. Once you get into a room, convert the middle into your working space and then start with one side of the room working towards the other. Clean the storage spaces before putting back what you are going to keep. Do not forget to arrange your CDs/DVDs and it would a great opportunity to arrange loose photographs in albums or purchase cheap photo frames which means you will get to display those precious photographic memories that were resigned to a drawer until now. Consider hiring a professional company (junk mover) if you have a lot of clutter.