Short Answer: Buy them from us! ;)

Seriously though, the recent upward trend in white frames means more and more people are choosing to have white frames on their walls and around the home.

The problem with white frames is the joints in the corners, we cut a lot of white frames and whilst we do consider our joins some of the best we see, you can never get them completely perfect. The gaps in white frames are always the same as with any other frame, it just stands out so much more with a white frame than it does on any other colour.

This is what we do for our bespoke framing customers to ensure their frames are perfect. Try it yourself on ready made frames, it works a treat.

Step 1:

This is how most white frames look (or worse). Notice the tiny hairline gap visible on the mitred join.

Step 2:

Using a paper towel or old cloth, apply a little 'Liming Wax' to fill in the crack when the two mitred pieces meet. You only need a little, you are effectively applying a little bit of 'filler' into the join. Don't worry too much about excess at the moment.

Step 3:

Using a paper towel, apply a little bit of either white spirit or lighter fluid (we use lighter fluid a lot around the workshop - it's great for cleaning!) and gently rub off the excess liming wax from the front of the frame. The lighter fluid/white spirit evaporates very quickly leaving you a perfectly joined clean white corner!

Voila!! Perfect mitred corner joints on a white frame!