When we first started selling our frames online, we had a minimum order of 6 frames. This was because we make the frames to order and in terms of manufacturing costs it is much more efficient for us to make the frames in larger batches rather than just one frame. Since June 2011 we started selling the frames in packs of two and our web sales have grown significantly.

We are now considering holding stock here of our best selling frames and selling you just one frame. The price of selling just one frame will have to be a bit higher than our current 'two's price' as we already subsidise the post and packaging and it requires the same time to pack one frame as it would do two.

We are in the early stages at looking at this and want to know what your thoughts are on this? Does having to buy 2 of each frame currently put you off? Would you buy more from us if we were to sell the frames individually?

What do you think?

Please leave us comments and any feedback below...(Or vote in the Poll available in the right hand column)

Thanks in advance!

The Wall Space Team.