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Welcome to Wallspace Picture Framers

We take our customer service very seriously here at Wall Space. That's why a while ago we started asking our customers for feedback on our products. We know we make good frames, but it's reassuring for new customers to hear exactly what our existing customers are saying about our frames.

Ten Days after an order is placed, our website automatically sends an email to our customers asking them if they would mind writing a short review of their product and the service they received, not everyone writes a review but we encourage you to do so. It's important to us and other future shoppers.

The reviews (which are moderated by ourselves to stop spam) are then published to the website within a day or two, available for everyone to see. Whilst we do moderate the reviews, we have never changed one or even not published one. So far in the last 12 months we have had one review that we consider negative (our overall rating from this customer was still a 2.5/5). We encourage all feedback be it good or bad and and actively encourage customers to rate us.

Below each product you will find a the reviews received on the site, and throughout the site you will notice a star rating next to our frames. Click these stars to read the reviews on that particular frame.

We love our reviews, keep them coming! We receive lot's of positive reviews every day!