Sneak Preview....New Artist - Debbie Boon

A quick sneak peak of some gorgeous prints we've just had delivered. The artists name is Debbie Boon and we saw her work at the Spring Fair in Birmingham last weekend. We proceeded to buy the whole set and are in the process of mounting and framing them this week. Here's the first one we've framed...

Framed Debbie Boon Art Print
And here are a couple of others that we haven't framed yet just mounted.....
Hare Print by Debbie Boon Stunning Art Print of a Hare by Debbie Boon
Cockerel Art Print by Debbie Boon We love these prints....See them in Cirencester very soon!
We should have them all mounted and sent up to our Gallery in Cirencester by early next week. If you're interested in having a look at them then give the gallery a call on 01285 657299 or pop along and visit us. We're pretty confident these won't be in the shop long (they are that good!)