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  1. Meet the people behind the frame (Part 1)

    At Wall space, we work alongside you to help maximise what you want from us as a group. With a team that's reliable, but most of all friendly and dedicated we're here to help realise everything for you're framing needs.   Continue reading →
  2. Mother's Day Frame & Mount

    Mother's Day SUNDAY 11TH MARCH With Mother's day fast approaching why not take a look at our handmade frames with 'Mum' mounts. Available in two fonts as shown, they are lovely as they are or to make it extra special you can add your favouite photo. Have you got that special message you'd like to add to the mount? We...
  3. Valiani Mount Cutter

    Valiani Mount Cutter
    One of most useful machines we have is our Valiani computerised mount cutter. It really is a super piece of equipment that makes mount cutting quick, accurate and precise. We use it on an everyday basis to cut our standard mounts and multi aperture mounts.   We also use it to create bespoke mounts which are unique to the customer...
  4. De-cluttering: Clearing out a Room

    Advantages of De-cluttering a Room You should de-clutter all the rooms in your house, and particularly the bedroom, the living room and the kitchen because you will have peace of mind. A messy room is very stressful and waking into one makes you feel like you are behind schedule, setting a bad mood for the rest of the day. You...
  5. Framing Black & White Photography

    Framing Black & White Photography Black and white photographs have remained popular since their inception roughly 150 years ago. The ability of black and white images to fit many decorating styles has contributed to their increased popularity. As such, people have become more open to alternative, more sophisticated framing designs for these items. How to best frame a black and white photograph is...

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